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Monthly support group

Beautiful child with special needs surrounded by flowers. Support Group Eagle Boise Meridian Idaho

Grief Support Group

Losing a child is a pain that one can  not describe. The pain runs through every fiber of your body. How and when does this pain ever end?  These are questions that grieving parents and siblings will eventually ask, because the pain runs so deep and it feels as if you will never recover.

Eagle and Boise Counseling is offering a support group for anyone who has lost a child.  This support group also welcomes siblings or anyone needing support who is suffering from the loss. This support group . will be held on the last day of every month. Each person that attends will be able to tell their story and get support from everyone there. 

There is no time limit on grief, there is no one way to grieve. It is an individual process and one that feels like you are all alone. We are here and we do understand.  Seating is limited.

Call to reserve your spot