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Whether your relationship is in trouble or you just want to protect what is a good thing, couples counseling for marriage and relationships at Eagle and Boise Counseling can help. 

Relationships today face many challenges. One question I get asked every day is “Can my marriage be saved?” "Can this relationship be saved" or “While we are in therapy should we stay together?” My answer is this; timing is essential, and timing is a driving factor in whether marriage counseling will work. Unfortunately, many Couples wait an average of six years before getting the help they need. During those six years they are sad, confused and unhappy. 

All relationships have ups and downs, and conflict goes with the territory. Conflict is an inevitable part of a committed, romantic relationship. Conflicts cause negative thoughts, bad feelings, and what was once a good relationship, now becomes strained. When a relationship becomes strained, every topic of conversation will turn into a fight.  Couples do not pick their battles wisely and are no longer able to distinguish between petty issues and important ones. The home you made together starts to feel cold and lonely and there is no more fun or laughter. 

Everything stops and so does communication. Without communication you lose the connection you once had. There will be a lot of sleepless nights, and everything said, or done, by your partner, just adds to the issues are already present. 

If this sounds familiar, or you are experiencing some of what I described, it is critical that you reach out for help. 

Don’t wait, your relationship is worth it, and you owe it to each other to get help before it’s too late. Marriage and relationship counseling can positively change your relationship. 


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