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Children of Divorced Parenting

Counselor in Eagle helping children through divorce. Counselor in Eagle and Boise for children.

Children of Divorced or Divorcing Parents


When parents are separating or divorcing they are filled with guilt when seeing the pain this is causing their children. Children start to feel alone and are scared. Counseling will help your child/children adjust a lot sooner. Children have a lot to say but are afraid to say the wrong thing. They do not want their parents to be angry with them. Some kids feel they will get into trouble with the other parent or say something s that will hurt their feelings. Below is a list of what you can expect when bringing your child for counseling.


Counseling for children during divorce provides:  


  • A secure place where your child will feel safe and understood.  A secure base where your child can begin to process the separation/divorce and changes that go along with the separation/divorce.
  • A place where your child will begin to understand his or her feelings during this transitional time, and will learn coping strategies that apply to the myriad of emotions he or she may experience.  
  • A constant, unchanging environment for your child during a time of many changes.  
  • A safe environment where your child will learn to process their day-to-day feelings as well as deeper feelings, express their confusion, receive validation, and ask questions that they may not feel comfortable asking their parents.
  • Tools that will enable your child to maintain secure relationship with his or her siblings.
  • An environment for your child to learn to work through and process the loss and grief they inevitably feel about the divorce and all the subsequent changes associated with the divorce that they will experience.

Eagle and Boise Counseling has extensive experience with all children of one family as well as all family who are experiencing this difficult transition.  We can help your family stay united with less conflict and anxiety.  We can help parents create a loving environment for their children in two separate homes.  We can help you to create your new normal.  


Counseling for your child during a time of divorce is essential.  Eagle and Boise Counseling will help your child on an age-appropriate level to develop coping skills, develop positive communication skills, conflict resolution skills, a process for managing emotions and stress, and provide assistance in adjusting to life after separation/divorce.    

As a counselor who specializes in working with children going through divorce, I can help you and your children through this period in a healthy way. 

For the best in experienced, caring, therapeutic help, please call and we will help you begin the process of healing.